BITS Dataminer is a complete Document Scanning, Capture, Indexing and Retrieval System

BITS DataMiner is an innovative document imaging and management software solution developed by Binary Tech Systems that provides a wide range of functionality including scanning, sorting, image processing, indexing, data and content storage, as well as rapid information retrieval. Data integrity is the cornerstone of DataMiner’s architectural blueprint safe-guarding business data and information from being altered, over-written or corrupted and improves business efficiencies with built-in administrative utilities geared toward optimized data and content management.


We understand that One size does not fit all. Bits DataMiner is highly configurable and has the ability to cater to the business needs of both government and private industry in the area of document storage and retrieval. Both ad hoc and detailed reporting features provide system manage with a “checks and balances” approach.

Scanning at its best

DataMiner has the ability to scan documents using any twain complaint scanner including Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Xerox and Kodak scanners. DataMiner’s built-in information redaction capabilities protect sensitive and confidential information from being viewed by unauthorized users. Its user- friendly interface easily allows information to be masked and hidden. The original unaltered document is committed to DataMiner’s repository in industry standard TIFF format for archival purposes and stores the redacted document in PDF format for disclosure and retrieval.

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